Hand-crafted and one of-a-kind

Tardis features varnished New Zealand kauri on the transom with the oregon hollow mast and spars formed and varnished on site. The sail – a junk-rigged lug, was hand-made by a local sailmaker.

Bronze gudgeon and pintles used on the rudder hinges were produced in-house and cast at a local foundry.

The hull features double diagonal planking fitted over the top of a first skin fore and aft strip planking, which was then sheathed with 6 oz glass cloth and then painted in a royal blue high gloss finish.

A leisurely sailer with a fine finish

The stunning kauri interior has been finished in varnish and Wilsonart off-white matte paint where there are two berths forming a vee in the bow, and a small cooker and heads.

Build Summary

The 19ft junk-rigged Jay Benford design took 4000 hours to build and was used by Graham to teach his apprentices the art of steam bending strips of kauri.

Build as a prototype for a larger version.


Length Overall
Dacron junk-rigged sails
6.5hp Yanmar diesel